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While many have attempted to find love on The Real World, it very seldom happens. These are the most successful relationships that started on The Real World.


For this list, the relationship must have started on the show. This relationship lives, breathed, and died in By the time the show aired on they were over. Starting during the filming of Real World Sydney during , this oddball couple seemed to work. When filming of the reunion rolled around in they were still an item, but by the time they appeared on The Island, which also filmed in , they were over. The golden couple of Real World San Diego in , these two were all about each other. No one else was welcome to interferer with these two.

They were not broken up when Battle of the Exes 2 was being cast in the summer of , but by the time the plane left for Panama they had split. A very serious couple from Real World Portland in , Averey moved across the country to live with Johnny shortly after production wrapped. Things were going well, until Johnny suspected Averey of cheating shortly before he left for the filming of Free Agents in fall of His hook up with Nany during that season was the final nail on the coffin.

'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' Reunion: Which roommates are still together? Who broke up?

Meeting during early , Knight and Jemmye had a unique relationship. They spent time together after filming and continued their relationship. Filled with ups and downs, they finally called it quits in By the time they filmed Battle of the Seasons they were exes. While Knight wanted to win Jemmye back, she knew there was no chance. Then, secrets tore them apart. Love pulled them back together. The initial cast of Real World: Ex-Plosion from left to right: The majority voted they would like her to leave, and she honors their opinion and leaves on her own.

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Arielle is originally from Vallejo, California.

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She later has to confront her own personal issues about people thinking that she is a male to female transgender in episode 7. She acts as the voice of reason in the house, but bands with the other originals in thinking the exes should move out. San Francisco, California [12]. Ashley is originally from West Virginia , but now lives in San Francisco. Had she stayed, production had an ex of hers that would have moved in as well. She returns in episode 4 while her roommates are on vacation to retrieve her things.

Los Angeles, California [16]. Previously a football star, he lost his athletic scholarship due to a pregnancy scare with a girl he was dating. He later discovered that the story was a complete hoax, which led him to leave school just a year before graduation. He immediately slept with Jenny two days into being in the house. Their romance ended when their exes arrived.

In episode 7, his past experiences with pregnancy initially prevented him from supporting Lauren during her own pregnancy, but he later comforted her when she made the decision to leave.

Member of Asking Alexandria Has Ex- Girlfriend On The Real World

He later takes on the role of the mediator in the house when it comes to his other roommates and their problems with others. However, the rivalry between him and Brian finally came to a head when they fought in the van ride back home. Originally from Pflugerville, Texas, Jamie is a columnist who writes an advice column website called ForeverShameless. She has also worked as a model. Her ex, Asking Alexandria guitarist Cameron Liddell, did not move in due to his commitments with Asking Alexandria and belief that it would be unhealthy for both of them.

She developed a reputation of butting into people's personal business, which sparked a feud between her and the original Ashley. She also got in between Jay and Jenna's relationship because she did not like the way he treated her. She claims to have trust issues, which became an obstacle in her relationship with Thomas, especially when his ex, Hailey showed up.

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Bronx, New York [22]. Jay is a party promoter and DJ from the Bronx. In episode 3, his mother has cancer and unexpectedly dies due to complications from surgery shortly after production begins. He was looked at as a nice guy, but later kissed a girl when he was already in a long-term relationship.

He was not happy when his girlfriend, Jenna showed up in the house but continued to be with her. It comes out that Jay has been cheating on Jenna since the day they met and continues to get girls' phone numbers while in the house. He later has to work hard in order to win Jenna back, but they soon reconcile.

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Los Angeles, California [23]. Jenny is originally from Kansas City, Missouri , but now works as a bartender, actress, singer and dancer in Los Angeles. She has also been a model and used to work as a real estate agent. Shortly after arriving in the house, she finds out that Brian is seeing someone else and begins a sexual relationship with Cory, which goes through its own problems. She is later shocked to find out that Brian has moved in and she and Cory mutually end things.

She and Brian begin dating, but break up once again when he tells her that he kissed another girl at a club. Jenny makes it her duty to make Brian miserable, which leads to a serious fight in episode 8. She attempts to distance herself from Brian, who wants desperately to get back together with her. She also gets a job as a go-go dancer which upsets Brian. She later realizes that Brian has changed since coming on the show and that she wants nothing to do with him. Fort Worth, Texas [25]. Thomas is a student at the University of Texas at Arlington , where he is slated to graduate in He is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and goes to the same school as his twin brother.

He has trouble accepting the number of people she has slept with since he has a very low number and claims that he doesn't have sex, but makes love. When his ex Hailey moves in, Thomas is angry due to his past with her. It turns out that his trust issues stem from Hailey lying to him about being a virgin and her cheating on him with multiple men. He is also very vocal about not wanting her on the show which leads to a physical altercation with her in episode 9. At the time of filming, Ashley had recently split with Arielle. She maintained a full-time job for a food startup that she continues while on the show, resulting in her spending less time at the house than the others.

Ashley and Arielle's relationship remains strong throughout the show, despite a brief argument over Arielle's insecurities at being considered androgynous. Brian is a fitness model who has a five-year-long, on-again-off-again relationship with Jenny. Brian and Jenny initially try to reconcile their differences and get back together when he moves in, but his infidelity causes a physical altercation between the two.

Brian also becomes concerned about the stark divide in the house between the "originals" and the "exes", causing tension between him, Jay, Thomas, and Cory, which culminates in a brawl between him and Cory in episode In episode 12, Brian ends up getting drunk due to the stress of the experience, and ends up attacking the other cast members and must spend the night at a hotel.

Hailey is Thomas' ex-girlfriend. She went to the same high school as and attends the same college as him and his twin brother. She moves into the Real World house with the hope of getting back together. Hailey grows frustrated at Jamie's controlling nature and Thomas' repeated attempts to force her to move out, leading to a physical altercation with Thomas in episode 9.

In episode 10, she leaves due to the stress of the house and the fact that she wasn't able to live with her ex Thomas dating Jamie in the house. Despite initial tension between her and Jamie, Hailey is able to become friends with her despite being Thomas' ex.

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Hailey is also close to Thomas' twin brother, who visits in episode 10 and consoles her. Wantagh, New York [30]. Jenna is a year-old fashion model and secretary from Wantagh, NY. She has a complicated, unlabeled relationship with Jay. Jenna reveals to Jamie that she is unhappy with how Jay treats her, citing that they have never been on a true date in their two-year relationship.

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  • Jenna struggles with the decision of whether to forgive Jay's womanizing nature and stay with him or, at the urging of the other cast members, break up with him. Jenna reveals on the reunion show that she and Jay are no longer together, citing mistrust as the primary reason for their breakup.

    Brooklyn, New York [27] [31]. Lauren is Cory's ex-girlfriend. They have known one another since high school and have dated on and off, but have not been officially together for nearly a year at time of filming. In episode 7, she leaves after finding out she is pregnant, although it is not Cory's, which causes tension between the two.