Funny personal dating ads

Low mileage, custom paint, long sandy blonde graphics. Bright hazel headlights will take SF anywhere. Now I'm 64, they only have to know how to read and use the telephone! Click here to read about the amazing and true story and the history of personal ads. Free Christian personal ads and personals profiles and online.

Self Confidence - pick yourself up with this God centred guide to learning to love yourself as you are in God the way HE made you! Christian Marriage - marriage is the crowninh glory of God's inventions and it's all designed to glorify Him and represents the marriage He has prepared for His son Jesus Christ! The Crazy History of Personal Ads - another look at the hortorical journey of personal ads placed in publications. Christian Singles marriage testimonial Books for Dating Christians - a selection of recommendation by us of great publications that will help you in your journey as a single in the church.

Is Dating for Christians right or wrong? How to write a good personal ad - there are good ads and bad ads, some that will attract the right person and some that will attract the wrong people - see our ideas to make your personal ad stand out!

Good Websites - some fantastic sites that we thought worth letting you know about. We also made a little time for fun. I guess his future wife should just be thankful for that running water. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I laughed through this entire very honest but funny hub.

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I wonder if you can send me the contact info for the impressive guy who likes to hang out on a bridge and spit into a floating can? I've been looking for someone like him my entire life. Thanks for the laugh and Congratulations on your hubber score! This is hilarious sharkey. I'd be amazed if any of these guys got a woman from these ads What an amazing hub! So funny, omg I was rolling on the floor laughing about these. You sure did you research and made my evening.

You should be very proud of this excellent hub. Really enjoyed reading these wonderful ads, so funny and mildly disturbing. I'll be looking out for some soon - -ads that is - local ones are probably the best bet judging by the last stonker.

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I wonder if the guy was successful? Natashalh--Oh yes, there are tons of those. Some are really weird too! I remember reading one once that wanted to trade baby clothes for survival books. The bizarre, end-of-the-world survival books. I know I'm not the only person that gets a weird sense of enjoyment out of doing this then! I know that it is a total waste of time to read ads but the great ones are worth it! So glad you stopped by to read! I am so so so so glad I'm happily married. The funniest ad I ever personally saw wasn't a personal - it was for a boat.

It was a 'swap' ad where someone said they would be willing to swap X truck or Y hound dog. Looking through ads is always great for cheap thrills. This cracked me up. There were some real doozies and we would just laugh and laugh at some of them. There are definitely some strange people in the world, so watch out! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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These put a few smiles on my face, as well as a few furtive glances. Men and women are equally odd when it comes to advertising themselves in the paper! I didn't use online dating or newspaper ads either. In fact, I never dated. I just waited around for the right guy to appear and that guy turned out to be my next door neighbor.

Funny dating site ads

I had already been close friends with him for seven years already, and we just had our third anniversary. So pretty much ten years for us too! Congrats to you and your partner; I'm glad you didn't have to navigate the online dating world! This is really entertaining. I'm glad I have never had to do online dating. I found my partner when I was studying. We have been happily together for 10 years now.

But if I had had to find a partner maybe I would have done this online dating. I am glad that you have found a great partner.

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There is nothing better than finding that one special person! The dating world looks rather scary. From all of my research into this scene, it looks to be very difficult to sort the really nice people who honestly want love from the people who had to resort to ads because no one will speak to them in real life. Probably because of their attitude issues! I will be doing the female version soon! Thank you so much for the comment and the read! You are too funny. I am so happy I no longer have to do this online dating stuff I am quite happy where I am now, with a loving partner, and no games.

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I haven't actually seen a prehistoric singles ad, but I am pretty sure that it would read something like this: Dating Poll Which trait is most important to you when choosing a partner? Women may say that they want a man who is: Honest Confidant Funny Charming Compassionate How about we look at some examples of these traits in would-be suitors. I am chubby and fun. If you squeeze me, love will ooze out of my pores for you. I want a girl that is nice and honest.

I miss city life and like to drink a lot but I don't get mean. I have my own house and drive a truck. Doctors say I can get you pregnant. I won't lie, I am looking for a sexy woman. I like young, busty, and thin.

Funny personal dating ads examples

Don't bother replying if you don't meet this description. Ego size, That Is I am six feet, four inches tall, pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. I'm muscular, handsome, charming. I can sweep you off your feet. I am a talented musician, I had a 4.

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I consider myself sophisticated and well-rounded. I want a nice girl that I can share my knowledge with, especially wines, gourmet foods, and exotic regions. I am hoping to find someone who is innocent of the world I want to shape you into a mature, sophisticated woman. Confidance Can Be Attractive These men are very confidant. But where does confidance end and narcissism begin? The best you will ever have. Meet me and you won't go back to that guy. You look across the room and see a tall, well built muscular man biceps measuring.

He is everything you want. You can tell he has good taste. That man is me. I am an extremely smart, good looking guy who has graduated collage.

Looking for a decent woman who is on my equal level. Many people are hesitant to become romantically involved with a chick with a kid. Obviously, children suck and should be avoided at all costs. The kid might want you to talk to it, or it might crap itself, or walk in and interrupt when his mom is giving you a killer hummer. Wealthy and generous gentleman willing to sponsor augmentation surgery in exchange for long term discrete affair. Married, seeking intelligent young plaything - 33 You are educated, endlessly smart, quick on your feet, fascinating.

You also have a strong, almost paradoxical, need to be naughty, subservient, dirty, slutty. You are young, cute, attracted to older guys. You will be my plaything. You want me to respect you for your mind, especially since I am also cognitively agile, but I simply see you as the submissive, hot little boy-toy you are.

Caramel complexion and abs of steel. Have to look good and have bank cause I like the ladies. We can go out of town or hang out at your house. I am sexy and cute. Serious Inquiries only time is a wasting.