Cat6 hookup

This configuration allows for longer wire runs. Here's how to make a standard cable: Cut into the plastic sheath about 1 inch 2. The crimping tool has a razor blade that will do the trick with practice. Carefully push all 8 unstripped colored wires into the connector.


Note the position of the blue plastic sleeve. Also note how the wires go all the way to the end. A view from the top. All the wires are all the way in.

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There are no short wires. The wires are too long. The copper splicing tabs on the connector will pierce into each of the eight wires. There is also a locking tab that holds the blue plastic sleeve in place for a tight compression fit. When you remove the cable from the crimper, that end is ready to use. For a standard "Straight Through" cable, repeat all steps and wire color order on the other end of cable.

For a cross-over cable, the other end will have a different color order as shown by the crossover picture above. Make sure to test the cables before installing them. An inexpensive Ethernet cable tester does this quite well. Printable version of this page. How can we make it better?

If you're using a thin, possibly average sized laptop you might want to have it sitting on the edge of a desk or have the laptop propped up on something. Due to the thickness of the item it basically has the weight of the laptop resting on it.

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I have CAT5 run in my house which I mostly use to share my internet connection. I recently wanted to install a speaker phone in my office and only had one port that was being used to wire my office computer to the internet. This was the perfect solution as I was able to install one plug at the wire nest where my router and phone switch are and another at the office terminal.

Have been using it for 2 months and the phone and network connections are working great together. See All Buying Options.

Only 15 left in stock - order soon. As noted by another reviewer, these are crossover line 1 to line 2 adaptors as well, which is not noted in the description. Consequently, they did not work for me as delivered. However, they do come apart relatively easily and I was able to move the pins around to the configuration I needed to connect my DSL modem to an existing RJ45 jack in my den. I connected it to a PDU and also a Cisco device using a patch cable and usb to serial adapter and had no issues.

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These are very nice and work well. I no longer need to carry x-over cables in my bag. Just plug it into the port, add a CAT5e cable and talk to other devices. Would recommend you have at least one in your bag. I had a hard time finding a converter to do this. I have RJ45 connectors throughout the house, and I wanted to connect a landline phone.

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This connector made that possible. It came fast everything fits snug like expected. I have no cons for it so far.

How To Use A Single Cat5 Cable For Both Phone and Ethernet