How to deal with your best friend dating your sister

If things go wrong, I don't want to strain things with my sister, and plus her friend comes over, so it would be awkward, but she's still really adamant and thinks it would be great since her friend is so inexperienced never had bf. Worst case scenario she loses her BFF and I really don't want that. Couple other girls are not her BFF's, but just friends.

Is it a good idea to date your sister's friends?

One I've known since she was 10 and always goes to my sister for advice, the other is a classmate and soon to be co-worker of my sister. My concern is that they will drag my sister into things if they go south, or it would bring drama to my sister's workplace. Since they're not THAT close, she says she doesn't really care, but she's also too young to grasp the concept of workplace drama.

I know some guys fantasize about this chit, but in reality, things can get pretty messy and I'm not so sure if it's a wise decision. Do it, your PP is not on lockdown. You are overthinking this and making it complicated.

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What if turns out good? If it doesn't work out,it doesn't work out.

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Seems like you have a great sister, so if she is cool with it, why not try? Im going to assume your sisters friend is also indian. Im also going to assume that your sister has a lot of indian friends. Does this mean all these indian girls are off limits to you? If you trust yourself not to phuck the girl over in the end, go for it. Breaking up with your sister's BFF is salvageable and your sister should understand.

Originally Posted by lotusdeva. Last edited by backmarker; at Bad idea dating the best friend. I've hooked up with and dated a few of my sister's friends. My sister never gave approval but I did it anyways lol.

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But yeah I would never do anything with her best friend. Go bone her other friends. Worst case scenario it's just awkward when she hangs with ur sister that's it man. Chances are highly highly likely that you guys will date for a few months, possibly a few years. Log in or Sign up. It's better than dating your ex's sister, but not by much.

My take on it would be: Do you want a long-distance relationship? I would be more likely to consider dating a friend's sister if I thought there was a good chance something lasting could come from it.

dating your best friend's sister

But, if no relationship is likely to come from it, why introduce that potential bit of awkward into your friendship? Puxin , May 12, A started talking to B's sister on facebook without ever really talking to her before facebook and they started shooting the s commenting on each others status all that bulls A fell on hard times and bailed on the date and never brought it back up i think he thought B was upset still but whatever so after that pointless ramble i say go for it if its for the right reasons man.

I nailed my good friend's cute older sister and her friend at a party; everyone found out not from me. He sucker punched me in the stomach but I was a god to the rest of my friends.

Should You Date Your Brother/Sister’s Best Friend?

Was well worth it. Gnarcore , May 12, If he's cool with it But it is a good way to f up a friendship. Scott , May 12, It speaks highly of your character that you sought to first gain the approval of your friend; as it is his sister. The fact that your friend is also okay with it, speaks highly of your character, as well as the fact that you still feel weird about it. I question whether you believe you friend was being sincere when he said he was okay with you dating his sister?

If you question whether he was being sincere, then revisit the subject; as from my understanding you have some time before you actual would make the trip.