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Robin Scorpio to save Jason Morgan 's life. Having the accurate reputation of a "womanizer," he is very flirtatious when he meets Sam for the first time.

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He hits on her several times, but she shows no interest and is unimpressed. Sam was only interested in what he could to save Jason, who was her then-boyfriend at the time.

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Her disdain for his attitude and cockiness led to tension between them and they got into multiple fights. Ultimately, Sam was grateful to Patrick when he performed a life-saving operation on Jason. Through the years, Sam and Patrick interacted the most when either she or Jason, ended up in the hospital with an illness or injury.

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When Sam was shot in , Patrick was one of the first to tend to her. He later risked his own freedom and performed an illegal, but life-saving operation on her at Jason's urging. Sam and Patrick maintained a cordial and friendly relationship over the following years.

In , Jason needs brain surgery and for Patrick to perform it but his wife had just "died" in an explosion saving Jason's meds so Patrick wasn't too willing to do it but Sam begged and he agreed. In , when Sam's son Danny was diagnosed with leukemia, Sam wanted him to be treated by a doctor she trusted and immediately took him to Patrick.

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Throughout the initial diagnosis and treatment process, she leaned on Patrick and he was there to support her as Danny's doctor and a friend. Danny made a full recovery after receiving a bone marrow transplant from his grandfather, Julian Jerome. In , Sam and Patrick's friendship flourished and they became closer than ever.

They often bonded over their relationships and experiences with Jason and Robin, respectively. They began to lean on one another more and more and counsel one another through the situations that arose in their lives. After Patrick loses his newborn son, Gabriel , who was born premature due to a car accident, he hires Sam to investigate who was responsible.

Patrick and Sam investigate together and eventually figure out that it was Rafe Kovich, Jr. When Sam and Dante Falconeri find Rafe, he was trying to leave town because he knew they figured it out. Rafe and Molly crash into a road block and are taken to the hospital. Molly was fine, but Rafe needed brain surgery.

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Patrick was the only neurosurgeon in the hospital and was forced to operate on Rafe, even though he just found out that Rafe was responsible for the accident. Patrick operates and tries to save Rafe, but he bleeds out and is left brain dead. Silas Clay , Rafe's uncle and Sam's then-boyfriend is furious and believes that Patrick killed Rafe on purpose. Patrick maintains his innocence and Sam believes Patrick and sides with him.

Sam tries to convince Silas of Patrick's innocence, but he doesn't believe her.

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Sam is angry when something she told Silas about Patrick in confidence, was leaked to the press. This information ended up getting Patrick fired from General Hospital. Silas denies leaking the information, which leads Sam to believe that Nina Clay did it to further drive a wedge between them. Silas defends Nina and doesn't think she'd do such a thing.

Eventually, Sam breaks up with Silas because he still has feelings for Nina. Sam wants to know who told the reporters about Patrick's struggle with his conscience, so she began investigating. She discovers that someone was eavesdropping when she told Silas about Patrick's struggle. The actor studied at Olney high School where he was in varsity track team.

He lived in New York for nearly eight years after graduating from high school. He is blessed with an attractive height of 5 feet 11 inches and a masculine body. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. Husband, Wedding, Net Worth, Age. Anna Elisabet Eberstein Wiki: Age, Height, Married, Net Worth. Lucas Jade Zumann Wiki: Her body measurements of have seen her grace several magazines all over the world, including the Playboy in , as well as the Maxim cover for Now 41 years old — in — she currently lives in her 2, square feet home in Los Angeles, which is a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom mansion.

Kelly Monaco is quite popular and quite active on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On the Gram, she has over thousand followers, as well as over thousand on Twitter, and her pages feature several of her gorgeous photoshoot sessions. Had a blast at the Daytime Emmys last night.

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General Hospital winning for best show was the icing on the cake. In July , Monaco — together with other celebrities — travelled to Kenya in Africa as part of a programme aimed at feeding children. They took foods, supplies and other resources to children in orphanages.

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  • Are Valentin And Nina A Real-Life Duo? Michelle Stafford and James Patrick Stuart Weigh In.
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The program was sponsored by Feed the Children.